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2018-10-10 19:14:49 | Profile
If you dont like this song you have no taste. I remember this song being played over and over in my brothers pioneer super tuner 3 in his white 83 standard shift Chevy truck when we would go to dirt track races. I once slipped out and drove it around with this girl i met at the races around the parking lot i was about 12 or 13 had known how to drive because of farm work. Those were the days...

Nia Young

2018-10-10 12:24:07 | Profile
one thing you can never discredit this age of music for, was that they were ALWAYS uniform! Nobody can knock their dance moves BECAUSE THESE FELLAS WERE TOGETHER. WHAT ONE MAN DID, EVERYONE DID

elliie mey

2018-10-09 19:46:01 | Profile
Leaked footage of a private hearing with Japan and America.

Victor Ulhôa

2018-10-09 09:41:59 | Profile
Nice Nazi Stuka in this video.

Douglas Alvarado

2018-10-09 06:39:35 | Profile
Zombies in spaceland brought me here.

Isabel Borja

2018-10-08 19:37:50 | Profile
I lost my virginity to this song... brings back great memories.

YouTube Grinch

2018-10-07 14:30:10 | Profile
Talking about dropping bombs :- A certain M.T. is going to get arrested by the Cosmic Patrol for dropping his bum and farting in the face of humanity in the wee hours of the morning in Coogee, Sydney, NSW, Australia, back in 1987.


2018-10-06 14:34:37 | Profile
Love this too you dropped the bomb ya you did but your about to get bomb dropped on you .