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Thomas Griffith

2018-10-22 08:45:39 | Profile
Looks like Rick Moranis without glasses. Lmao


2018-10-02 19:46:40 | Profile
Drawn and quartered. Juked!

Dennis Underwood

2018-09-22 14:28:11 | Profile
Chevy chase, insta like

Jeni Garcia

2018-09-15 05:20:06 | Profile
I like the part when he said duck back down the alley. He said it in this country sounding voice

Marouane Marshall

2018-08-29 03:00:43 | Profile
I almost threw up when they started "playing" those instruments. They could at least have moved their fingers a bunch, but no. Only for the penny whistle

Baby S.

2018-08-23 13:52:11 | Profile
My eyes are closed feeling the music I had too

Mitch_the_boss 22

2018-08-17 04:16:31 | Profile
The office brought me here

Dawn Dennard

2018-08-11 12:13:10 | Profile
Is paul simon really short or is chevy chase really tall

Anthony Maelasi

2018-07-24 22:11:04 | Profile
Boned it ! But I would love to meet a bat faced girl! Always have never known parameters!!