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Lyndsay Briggs

2018-11-12 04:14:40 | Profile
Sad thing I found tons if songs from watching MSP music videos

ыфв выфв

2018-11-09 08:41:28 | Profile
i always thought this song was by Kelly Clarkson xD

deibson godoy

2018-11-08 00:42:36 | Profile
Orianthi rocks and MJ rocks to

Vinicius Vighini

2018-10-10 18:13:06 | Profile
Precious she and your song


2018-09-29 20:01:24 | Profile
Oh my god, I remember Listening to this song and just screaming it out loud when I was young whenever it came out on the radio... the nostalgia...

Maya Graphicart

2018-09-12 02:07:27 | Profile
why is this dumb hand in the way


2018-09-10 05:29:55 | Profile
im surprised to re-listen to this blast from the past, how could i ignore what a kickass guitarist she is!

TMN Universe

2018-09-02 13:37:17 | Profile
Omg!! Lol. Ive been a fan of her guitar playing for years, and i had no idea this was her song! WTF

carmela zambito

2018-08-31 05:14:18 | Profile
Esta tipa estubo en this is it trabajo con michael jackson no sabia que era cantante

Mundo Elephant

2018-08-29 19:29:11 | Profile
I forgot how much of a bop this is